By connecting your Google my Business Page to your Seen Account you get access to powerful features. For instance the ability to respond to Google reviews right from your Seen Dashboard. Additionally, the direct connection to Google allows Seen to report your review data more promptly after a review is left by one of your customers. 

1. Do you have access to your Google My Business page? 

To connect Google My Business (GMB) to Seen, make sure that you have access to your GMB page. Access is granted to owners and page managers via email. You can verify that you have access by logging in at and confirming that you can see and edit your business' page.

2. Simply authenticate with Seen: 

You can connect Seen to Google from the following areas of your dashboard:

  • From 'Review Integrations' in Settings

Which looks something like this:

You may need to sign in with the email address of whoever manages your Google my Business page for the business: 

Once you've authenticated with Google, the Account Owner and Team Leaders for your Seen account will immediately be able to respond to Google reviews inside of the Reviews tab in Seen. 

3. Access to Respond

Team Leaders may also be given access to respond to reviews by checking the "Can Respond to Reviews" box next to their name on the "Manage Team Page" which can be accessed from Settings.

For Multiple Locations

The process is similar if you have multiple Seen locations and GMB pages. You'll just need to make sure that you have a Google Account with access to all of your GMB pages. 


Q: What if I log in to connect my Google account, but I get a message telling me that the GMB page wasn't found?
The good news is we're now connected to your Google account, so all you need to do now is get access to your GMB page and Seen will automatically connect within 30 minutes. 

Q: Why can't I see the prompt to connect my Seen account to GMB?

A: Only Account Owners and Team Leaders have access to make the connection.

Q: What if my Google account disconnects from Seen?
A: You will see a message on the Google site card on your Reviews page that lets you know we have lost the connection, and that you should reconnect.

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